Scientists have found a giant structure on the edge of the Universe

Ученые нашли гигантскую структуру на краю Вселенной

Discovered a giant structure with the Hyperion

According to astronomers, the age of the detected object reaches two billion years after the Big Bang.

A team of astronomers have discovered a giant structure that existed in the early Universe. Scientists estimate that its age was reached two billion years after the Big Bang. This writes

This entity was a precursor to galactic superclusters, and at that time was the largest object known.

For the first time scientists were able to detect a massive object at high redshift, which is a shift of spectral lines towards the long-wave region of the spectrum, which correlates with the distance from the Earth.

The structure was called the Hyperion, and its distance from Earth is ten billion light years. The mass of the structure exceeds the sun in more than a quadrillion times.

Hyperion consists of seven dense regions, connected by filaments of galaxies. A key difference from other similar formations is the absence of a clearly expressed center.

Earlier it was reported that scientists from the European southern Observatory were able to capture the birth of a new planet.

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