Scientists have found a way out of depression

Ученые нашли способ выхода из депрессии

Electrical stimulation of certain brain areas improves mood in people suffering from depression.

Equipment direct electrical stimulation of a brain area, located above the eyes to instantly get rid of depression. About it writes Current Biology, citing a study by researchers.

Experts conducted an experiment with 25 patients suffering from epilepsy. All study participants were expecting the surgery in the hospital. Their brain is wired to detect the source of attacks.

After that, the doctors stimulated the impulse several areas and found that when exposed to lateral orbitofrontal cortex, several patients have reported the improvement of mood. After cessation of stimulation, the patient returned to the former.

At the moment scientists are trying to figure out how you can extend the effect of stimulation and how to use the discovery for the treatment of patients with depression without the introduction of electrodes into the brain.

Earlier, scientists had learned to identify depression in users of Facebook. In addition, the researchers found that reducing sleep helps to combat depression.

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