Scientists have found an effective method of rejuvenating the body

Ученые нашли действенный способ омоложения организма

Receiving only two drugs for a year can rejuvenate the human body for two years.

A group of scientists from the US and Canada found a way to reverse human aging. It is reported MedicalXress.

Experts have proven that recombinant human growth hormone (rhGH) reverses epigenetic aging in humans.

Scientists conducted an experiment with volunteers who throughout the year took growth hormones and drugs against diabetes. The disease can develop on a background of reception of hormones.

A year later, experts examined the volunteers and it turned out that seven of the nine decreased fat deposits in the thymus (thymus gland). This gland produces immune cells T-lymphocytes, and there is fat deposition, impairing its operation.

It turned out that epigenetic markers all the volunteers were under the age of two biological years.

Scientists hope that if able to clear the thymus from fat accumulation and compensate for the decline in growth hormone with age can significantly extend the life of the person.

Previously a method was found of protection against HIV. It was also reported that doctors have dispelled the myth about the harm of salt to the body.

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