Scientists have found an effective way to lose weight

Ученые нашли эффективный способ похудеть

Scientists have determined how to properly eat foods, not to exhaust yourself diets and to lose weight.

American nutritionist Satchin Panda and founder of Real Nutrition NYC, Amy Shapiro found one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

The essence of their system is at what time of day you eat and when not. Information appeared in the American edition of Vogue.

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Experts say, the need to reduce the time between Breakfast and dinner for up to eight hours. This time should include all the meals.

To do this, nutritionists advise to take Breakfast with you to work, not eat it at home after you Wake up. Dinner should be thick enough to not want to eat before bedtime and not later than eight hours after the first meal.

If you stick to this diet, the effect will be noticeable after two to three weeks.

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