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Ученые выяснили, когда исчезнет мужской пол


The Y-chromosome that determines the development of sexual characteristics in men, is degenerate and disappears from the genome about a few million years.

British geneticist Darren Griffin of the University of Kent said that the Y chromosome which contains the SRY gene that determines the development of sexual characteristics in men will disappear in 4.5 million years. His article was published in Science Alert.

The scientist notes the fundamental flaw of this chromosome − she, unlike other groups of genes contained in human cells not in pairs, and in a single instance.

Therefore, the Y-chromosome is not subject to genetic recombination (“shuffling genes”), which happens in every new generation and leads to the elimination of mutations that damage genes.

As a result, the set of genes responsible for the formation of a male, eventually degenerates and is lost from the genome.

However, recent studies show that chromosome develops mechanisms to slow down this process. So, Danish scientists found that the Y chromosome is an active process of amplification − multiple copies of genes responsible for the functioning of the genital organs of men.

The article notes that even in the case of complete disappearance of the Y chromosome, the SRY gene can move to another chromosome, which, in turn, will begin to experience a lack of recombination.

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Previously, scientists has discovered genes that may be associated with sexual orientation.