Scientists have found favor in excess weight

Ученые обнаружили пользу в лишнем весе

This was revealed in a recent study of Danish scientists.

The hospital researchers at Copenhagen University found that people who are overweight the chances of early mortality has decreased significantly over the past decade, reports the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Currently, experts are unable to explain what caused the changes. However, it is likely that soon doctors will have to reconsider their views on obesity.

In the study, researchers studied the dynamics of changes of indicators of body mass index (BMI) in three groups: the first group participated in the study in 1976-1978, and the second in 1991-1994 and the third in 2003-2013.

The main goal was to track any changes in the risk of mortality in people with a certain BMI. The results of the scientists struck – people in a state of obesity has risen three points in the indicators associated with low risk of mortality.

Awareness of excess weight does not help to reset it

At the same time suffering from obesity of the first degree reduced the mortality risk ratio from 1.3 to one.

According to the researchers the results are not affected by either gender, nor Smoking, or even medical history.

If these results are confirmed, then scientists will be faced with the need to revise the who classification, according to which overweight people are made in the risk group.

Earlier it was reported that scientists explain obesity genetic memory.