Scientists have found sleep duration, prolonging life

Ученые установили продолжительность сна, продлевающую жизнь

Called optimal amount of sleep for humans

Daily rate from 6 to 8 hours has a beneficial effect on human health and reduces the risks of developing cardiovascular disease.

An international group of scientists found that 6-8 hours of sleep per day reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and prolong life. This is stated in the press release published on EurekAlert!.

It is noted that if a person sleeps less than six hours a day, or wakes up at night, then it increases the likelihood of asymptomatic atherosclerosis.

Published research based on the results of experiments, which had attracted more than a million healthy patients. They were divided into three groups, one with people who slept less than six hours, another for more than eight hours, and the third 6-8 hours.

After 9.3 years of observation, in both groups, violation of sleep increased the risk of coronary heart disease and stroke (11 and 33 percent, respectively).

Earlier it was reported that scientists have identified a lethal danger posed by long sleep.

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