Scientists have found that the effect on sexual self esteem in women

Ученые выяснили, что влияет на сексуальную самооценку женщин

Scientists have described how self-esteem affects women enjoy sex

Appearance affects the sexual satisfaction of women.

Scientists from Louvain Catholic University in Belgium found that the effect on sexual self-esteem of the women and their satisfaction from sex. The study is published in the journal sexologies is.

The researchers conducted a survey among 596 women aged 18 to 80 years of different sizes. Respondents rated on a five point scale the attractiveness of their 19 physical characteristics and talked about his sex life.

According to the survey, more satisfaction from sex, and higher self-esteem, said women who are happy with their own eyes, mouth and ears, while a slim figure, a partner’s mood and happiness in the relationship was less important.

In addition, the fairer sex who call his body “expressive” and “natural” were increased self-esteem, at the same time it became clear that the excessive femininity of the body-esteem decreases.

Scientists call the optimal duration of sex

Previously, scientists found that watching pornography reduces the feeling of sexual satisfaction in women.

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