Scientists have found the number of substars in the milky Way

Ученые установили число субзвезд в Млечном Пути

In the calculation experts have made brown dwarfs.

A group of Portuguese and British astronomers have calculated the amount of brown (brown) dwarfs – celestial bodies intermediate between stars and planets located in the milky Way. According to experts, the galaxy includes from 25 to 100 billion of these substars, reports the Royal astronomical society.

The full study was published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

However, it is assumed that the number of substars can be significantly underestimated because at present, galaxy has a lot of dim stars.

It is reported that during issledovania the authors analyzed survey data SONYC (Substellar Objects in Young Young Clusters), including information about the population of stellar clusters NGC 1333 and RCW 38. And in addition, they conducted observations at the VLT (Very Large Telescope).

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