Scientists have found the remains of the oldest creature on Earth

Ученые нашли останки древнейшего существа на Земле

The remains of the world’s oldest creatures

To identify a fat cells. There were found remains in the territory of Russia.

Scientists found on the territory of Russia remains the oldest in the history of the animal. The age of discovery is around 558 million years. To identify a fat cells. About it writes Science.

The study involved representatives of the Australian national University, Russian Academy of Sciences and the University of Bremen, Germany.

Ancient animals scientists call dickinsonia is the fossil of the ediacaran period, living in the period 635 for 542 million years ago.

Openly it was in the middle of the twentieth century. Until recently, however, scientists could not say definitely whether it was animal or fungi.

Found remains near the White sea. They contain molecules of cholesterol, which has allowed scientists to conduct research and answer.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have found the cause of the destruction of ancient civilizations. According to experts, the culprit turned out to be globalization.

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