Scientists have found the skeleton of a mammoth with soft tissue and hair

Ученые нашли скелет мамонта с мягкими тканями и шерстью

In Yakutia the Russian-Japanese palaeontological expedition found the remains of a mammoth, which was part of the flesh and wool.

The find was discovered by staff of the North-Eastern Federal University (NEFU), a Japanese University Cindy and Fuji TV. On the skeleton of a mammoth remains of soft tissue. This is reported on the website NEFU.

The skeleton found in Verkhoyansky district of the Sakha Republic 220 km down the river Yana in the area of Unigen. Scientists continue excavations at the site of the finds.

Ученые нашли скелет мамонта с мягкими тканями и шерстью

The skeleton of a mammoth found in Yakutia (photo:

Previously, the Taiwanese authorities determined the area of Unigen in Yakutia one of the most promising “mammoth cemeteries”.

Scientists hope to find the most complete species composition of fossil bone animals of the late Pleistocene.

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