Scientists have found the strain in the magnetic field of Jupiter

Ученые нашли деформации в магнитном поле Юпитера

A map of the magnetic field of the gas giant

They have created a complete map of the magnetic field of the gas giant. It was much more complicated than previously thought.

A team of astronomers with the help of the spacecraft Juno has created a map of Jupiter’s magnetic field. It was much more complicated than scientists had initially thought. This writes the Naked Science.

As researchers found, the pole of the gas giant are not on opposite sides, like Earth, but completely different.

The structure of the planet similar to the field bent under a right angle of the magnet with the additional deformations at the ends. Thus, one of the poles was located near the equator of the planet.

The space probe Juno, which succeeded to create a magnetic map of the planet, entered the orbit in July 2016. He measured the magnetosphere of the gas giant from the surface of the atmosphere at three levels of depth.

Earlier it was reported that NASA has published a colorful photo with the clouds of Jupiter. Chaotic arrangement of the clouds gives the picture surrealism.

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