Scientists have found water on Jupiter

Ученые нашли воду на Юпитере

Scientists say the presence of water in the Great Red Spot

A large atmospheric vortex on a gas giant is believed to contain a large amount of water.

American scientists have discovered a Jupiter water. As specialists declare, a large atmospheric vortex on a gas giant, which is called the Great Red Spot contains a large amount of water. This writes EurekAlert!.

According to the analyzed data, which were obtained by ground-based instruments, the scientists found that the vortex consists of three cloud layers. The most profound of them, located some 160 kilometers below the upper cloud cover, may contain water. Experts say that there is every reason to believe that it contains crystals of frozen water.

In the case that the theory will be confirmed after the study of the atmosphere automatic station Juno, you can start a search for water in other places the gas giant’s atmosphere.

As you know, the Great Red Spot is the largest vortex of Jupiter and the Solar system as a whole. Its dimensions are about 40 thousand kilometers in length and 13 kilometers in width.

Earlier it was reported that scientists predicted the Earth turning into a hell of a greenhouse, if the temperature will increase by 4-5 degrees.

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