Scientists have grown the retina of the human eye

Ученые вырастили сетчатку человеческого глаза

The cultivation of parts of the human eye took nine months. The discovery will help to study the development of a color daytime vision.

American scientists from Johns Hopkins University to artificially grown human retina. It is reported by Science.

Biologists worked to create a fragment of the human eye for nine months. It will help specialists to investigate the cones that allow us to see color and have a daily vision.

Preliminary studies eye animals showed that an important component for the development of normal vision is thyroid hormone of the thyroid gland. Biologists have added to the culture medium of cultivated human retina, that has helped to Mature the cones.

Created the full sample detects light and transmits nerve cells.

Earlier it was reported that in Saint-Petersburg scientists grow meat in a test tube. Well before it became known how many individuals can remember.

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