Scientists have invented a method of printing by sound waves

Ученые изобрели метод печати звуковыми волнами

Scientists claim that their method is much more promising than the existing ones and electrodynamic jet printing.

Researchers at Harvard University have developed a new method of printing that uses sound waves to generate droplets of liquids. This is stated on the University website.

It is noted that such methods are used, for example, in Microbiology.

Existing methods or electrodynamic jet printing can use the liquid only in a narrow range of viscosity.

The authors used an acoustic resonator in which is placed the nozzle of the printer head. The resonator creates a standing sound wave, which acts on the drop of ink. Changing the settings, sound waves you can adjust the size of the droplets. This method allows you to use a drip for printing fluid with very high viscosity, up to molten metal.

Scientists expect that the method will find application in biological, cosmetic and food industry.

Earlier, watching the pandas in the zoo in San Diego and studying their behavior, scientists found that these animals are able to perceive ultrasonic range.

It was also reported that Geophysics using bottom seismographs recorded the acoustic anomalies caused by free oscillations of the ocean floor.


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