Scientists have learned to identify depression in users of Facebook

Ученые научились определять депрессию у пользователей Facebook

For a long depressed people indicated their vocabulary: it contained a lot of emotional words.

At the University of Pennsylvania researchers said they have learned with high precision to determine the status of depression in users of Facebook. On Monday, October 15, reported on the website of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.

It is noted that during their study, researchers analyzed data from 683 users of the social network who have sought medical help. Have 114 of them were confirmed by the depression, the rest acted as a control group.

Particular attention scientists have drawn on the vocabulary of users, the length of posts and their frequency.

Thanks to the work done a group of researchers were able to diagnose depression by the posts for six months with an accuracy of 62%, for the three months and 72% respectively. Reportedly, the vocabulary of the people a long time in a depressed state, had a lot of emotional words.

Previously, scientists have described a simple way of dealing with depression. According to them, physical activity contributes to the protection of the population against the development of depression.


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