Scientists have linked long-term sleep with nightmares

Ученые связали длительный сон с кошмарами

People who sleep more than 9 hours are more likely to suffer nightmares.

According to experts, with frightening dreams experienced by people who sleep more than 9 hours in a row.

A group of scientists from Oxford University have found that prolonged sleep provokes nightmares, reports New Scientist. Thus, according to experts, the emergence of nightmares no influence or alcohol, or physical activity.

It is known that nightmares mostly studied as a symptom of PTSD. It is a condition that occurs after a severe Psychotrauma situations.

These disorders occur frequently in people who have had a long illness, or military veterans.

It is reported that in the study, researchers conducted a survey of 846-ti people, which tried to set different “severity” of nightmares.

As a result, experts have established that night terrors are often accompanied by a high level of anxiety and depersonalization and hallucinations. They also often pestering people who sleep more than 9 hours in a row.

Earlier Корреспондент.net reported that scientists have named the main means of combating insomnia.


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