Scientists have named a new danger missions to Mars

Ученые назвали новую опасность полетов на Марс

The impact of cosmic radiation on astronauts organisms damaging to cells.

Researchers from Wake forest University in the US found that prolonged exposure to space radiation increases the risk of leukemia.

The impact of cosmic radiation on astronauts organisms damages the cells responsible for the formation of all blood cells, the article says Medical Express.

Scientists conducted experiments on mice with transplant of human stem cells. The results showed that the radiation found in deep space may increase the risk of leukemia in humans.

“Our findings are alarming because they show that exposure can increase the risk of leukemia. Exposure to radiation was very harmful to hematopoietic stem cells, reducing their ability to produce almost all types of blood cells by 60-80%,” said Christopher Porada, one of the project staff.

In addition, the group has identified and is experiencing a common food additive, which would protect astronauts from these devastating effects.

Previously, NASA conducted an experiment with astronauts-twins, which showed how the human body in space.

Another research group found a clear reduction in the rate of bone formation, and small negative changes in thinking speed and accuracy of memory.

NASA grew potatoes in Martian conditions