Scientists have named the animal that sleeps the least

Ученые назвали животное, которое спит меньше всех

The African elephant is sleeping less than all of the mammals

The awake animal was the African elephant.

Scientists from the School of anatomical Sciences of the University of Witwatersrand (South Africa) established a species of mammals who sleep the least. It turned out that these are African elephants, Reuters reports.

The full study was published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE.

It is noted that on average, elephants sleep two hours a day between 2:00 and 6:00. And the maximum duration of their sleep is 5 hours.

The amount of time that elephants spend in the supine position, is not more than 17 percent of the time allotted for the vacation.

Also, scientists argue that after a long day exploring, or escaping from the chase of poachers, elephants may not sleep for 46 hours in a row. While animals are able to travel up to 30 kilometers.

These claims specialists based on observations of elephants in the Chobe national Park in Botswana. In the study, biologists implanted elephants under the skin, a special device, equipped with a gyroscope and a system of satellite tracking.

While in captivity, elephants sleep four to six hours a day. A little more sleep from mammals, domestic horses – up to three hours a day.

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