Scientists have named the fastest thing on the planet

Ученые назвали самое быстрое существо на планете

Discovered the fastest creature on Earth

Worm-like single-celled Spirostomum ambiguum is able to move with a speed up to 724 km/h.

Scientists from the Georgia Institute of Technology (USA) called the fastest creature on our planet. It appeared to be worm-like, single-celled Spirostomum ambiguum, according to Naked Science.

This inhabitant of fresh water with a length of only 4 mm is the simplest locomotion using cilia and contractions of the torso.

Spirostomum ambiguum can move with a speed up to 724 km/h.

While scientists don’t know, making a simple able to develop such a speed. Realizing this, the researchers hope to create a miniature high-speed robots.

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