Scientists have named the key danger of salt

Ученые назвали ключевую опасность соли

Named the new dangers of salt

The product has a negative impact on the immune system in the gut, and can cause the degradation of human cognitive functions by the deterioration of cerebral circulation.

A group of American scientists found that regular consumption of salt in food in excessive quantity can cause changes in the immune system in the intestine. They, in turn, entail a degradation of the cognitive functions of man, writes Nature Neuroscience.

In the study, experts have found that the abuse of sodium chloride for three weeks entails endothelial dysfunction, reduction of cerebral blood flow and cognitive impairment. In this case the blood pressure in humans have not changed.

It turned out that excessive salt intake increases intestinal the number of cells, T helper 17, and at the same time and their production of molecules interleukin-17. This can have a detrimental effect on the cerebral circulation.

The scientists conducted experiments on mice, however, point out that their results are relevant to humans.

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