Scientists have named the main cause of aging

Ученые назвали главную причину старения

Experts have discovered a mechanism that impairs the operation of the organism at the genetic level that leads to aging.

Scientists from the London College Queen Mary was discovered in roundworms work undesirable genes, which leads to aging.

Experts suggest that a person also have such a mechanism. This publication reports Eurek Alert.

Some of the biological processes typical of a young body, continue to work with age Sanchez disturb the organism’s homeostasis. This leads to the development of serious diseases such as cancer.

The mechanism was found on nematodes living 2-3 weeks. There are genes responsible for coding proteins, which in turn help cells recycle their own components.

In older age, this process causes serious deterioration of the intestines and leads to death of the worm. Scientists say that a similar system when the program development is converted into malicious there are people.

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