Scientists have named the main “enemy” of weight loss

Ученые назвали главного "врага" похудения

To lose weight fast at any diet and injunctions must strictly adhere to one rule.

Experts at the University of Philadelphia found out that to nullify the effect of any diet is alcohol. About it reports Eurek Alert.

Experts analyzed data from 4,000 people who had been fighting excess weight. Scientists came to the conclusion that even small “failures” in abstaining from alcohol completely destroys the effect of the diet.

According to the survey, any diet prescribed by the dietician that can effectively deal with excess weight. But the main rule of weight loss is complete abstinence from alcohol.

Scientists emphasize that for short-term weight gain alcohol has minimal effect. But long-term consumption of alcoholic beverages is detrimental to the figure and ability of its recovery.

Previously, scientists have found a brand new method of weight loss. Experts say that the principles of weight loss with calorie counting obsolete. Also found were a quick way to lose weight in your sleep.

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