Scientists have predicted the death of millions by 2050

Ученые предсказали смерти миллионов к 2050 году

Scientists have learned that almost all river on the planet is contaminated with antibiotics

The reason is antibiotics, soiled water from almost all rivers on the planet, and the emergence of “superbugs”.

Scientists found high levels of antibiotic contamination of river waters. This can cause massive loss of life worldwide. About it reports “Interfax”.

The researchers tested the water of the rivers flowing on the territory of 72 countries. It turned out that in 65 of them found traces of 14 the most popular antibiotics.

Most of the antibiotics found in the rivers of Asia and Africa. In Bangladesh, the concentration of drugs in the river exceeded the permissible level of 300 times.

Scientists say that the remains of the drugs fall into the river water along with sewage waste. This is a risk that under the constant influence of antibiotics on microorganisms mutate into “superbugs”, which in turn will lead to the deaths of millions of people by 2050.

Previously, scientists learned that the Earth does not remain places with clean air. Also, the Correspondent published a story about “plastic Armageddon.”

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