Scientists have predicted the Earth turning into a hell of a greenhouse

Ученые предсказали Земле превращение в адскую теплицу

The global temperature will be 4-5 degrees higher. As a result, many regions will simply uninhabitable for humans.

An international group of scientists found that the Earth’s temperature will be 4-5 degrees higher than pre-industrial levels. This happens, according to them, even if compliance with the Paris climate agreement. This writes EurekAlert!.

Due to the increase in temperature planet will turn into a “greenhouse”, therefore, many regions are not suitable for human life.

Scientists also said that greenhouse gas emissions are not the only factor that influences global climate. So, the warming in turn will cause other unwanted processes which will continue to warm up the atmosphere. Moreover, this is regardless of whether to be a greenhouse gas or not.

By process is meant the melting of permafrost, decrease in the volume absorbed by land and ocean carbon, the rise of methane from the ocean floor and the decrease of forests in the Amazon river basin and others.

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Experts say that to avoid this scenario, not only reduce emissions, but also create natural reservoirs for storing carbon through forest plantations to develop the technology to absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and sohranjat biodiversity and soil.

According to the Paris agreement of 2015, humanity has to prevent the temperature increase on Earth by 1.5 degrees.

Earlier it was reported that people have exhausted a year’s supply of resources on the planet for seven months, and began to live “in debt”.

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