Scientists have predicted the largest underwater eruption

Ученые предсказали крупнейшее подводное извержение

Predicted catastrophic phreatic eruption in the Indian ocean

Experts have revealed one of the secrets of the mysterious seismic waves that emerged at the end of 2018.

Scientists and geologists from France claiming to have found the explanation of seismic waves arising from Mayotte island and spread throughout the world. The reason for their appearance can be a serious disaster. It is reported by Science Alert.

Experts analyzed data of seismic activity for six months near the island of Mayotte (Comoros). It was there in November 2018 born strange seismic waves.

Scientists came to the conclusion that they’ve created moving large volumes of magma at a depth of 28 kilometers below the surface. Given the scale of the seismic activity, experts predict the largest underwater eruption. In support of this hypothesis, and indicates that the island falls at a rate of nine millimeters per month and moving East with a speed of 16 millimeters per month.

While scientists are unable to explain the emergence of high frequency pulses, followed by major seismic activity around Mayotte and the appearance of dead fish in an area where no Islands of volcanic origin.

Before, scientists announced an increase in the size of the waves. Also the Correspondent wrote that the scientists found the island with the missing part of the continent.

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