Scientists have produced electricity from mushrooms

Ученые добыли электричество из грибов

Fungi can produce electricity – scientists

Experts used regular mushrooms bought in a supermarket and covered them with belts.

In U.S. Technology Stevens Institute in new Jersey, scientists were able to produce electricity with the help of fungi. It is reported by Newsweek.

The experts used the mushrooms from the store. For the experiment, they also took cyanobacteria, 3D printer, and a nanoribbon.

The scientists placed on the surface of the fungus nanoribbon, and using a printer covered with a “biological” inks, which were bacteria. These microorganisms produce electricity under the influence of sunlight, but they quickly die on the artificial surfaces.

On bionic, the fungus has sent light, and he began to produce an electric current. Experts explain the events that light activated the mechanism of photosynthesis, which creates the electrons of biological origin.

This technology is not yet able to produce that amount of electricity to power any electric device.

On the eve of the American scientists had grown frogs legs amputated. Regeneration is made possible under the influence of hormones.

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