Scientists have proved that smartphones can be dangerous to humans

Ученые доказали, что смартфоны опасны для человека

The blue light that shines from the screens of smartphones at night, can lead to vision loss. Particularly vulnerable to this over the age of 55 years.

A group of scientists from University of Toledo in the United States established the harmfulness of blue light that shines from the screens of smartphones. Experts say that it can cause loss of vision. This writes the

The reason is the formation of toxic forms of retinal chemical substances contained in the cells of the retina.

It is known that with age the person is macular degeneration. It degrades visual acuity and causes about 50% of cases of vision loss in people over 55 years. The process is accompanied by the withering away of blood vessels that nourish the retina.

Previously, it was assumed that the cyan, blue and violet radiation pogulyat destructive processes. But only now it became known how sereznoy is danger.

It was found that the deleterious effect associated with the formation of twisted forms of retinal is a derivative of vitamin a, And has toxic effects. It can be reversible, but not all people. As a result, the cell membrane disrupts the function of phospholipids, increases the level of calcium, the cells change their form and die.

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