Scientists have proven that a lie is good for the brain

Ученые доказали, что вранье полезно для мозга

Studies have shown that cheating in childhood increases some abilities of the brain and allow a better understanding of people.

Scientists from the University of Toronto in Canada have come to the conclusion that a lie has a positive impact on the development of the human brain. The sooner the child will attain the ability to cheat, and melt better. It is reported by Medical Xpress.

Research by Dr. Kang Lee and his co-authors from China, America and Singapore prove the usefulness of the ability to deceive.

Children who resort to lies, outperform their peers in cognitive development. The study involved 42 children aged around 3.5 years from China. The children were divided into two teams with equal number of girls and boys.

The children hid in one hand and sweets, while adults tried to guess where the treats. The control group played fair, and the second taught us to cheat to always win.

Psychological tests after the game showed that “rogues” are better discern people’s intentions. The scientist also claims that lying is a necessary part of growing up, and the sooner the child learns to cheat, the better.

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