Scientists have proven that coffee prolongs life

Ученые доказали, что кофе продлевает жизнь

Scientists have found that coffee reduces the risk of mortality from various causes

The results are based on observations of 190 thousands of volunteers.

A group of American scientists conducted a study during which found that coffee reduces the risk of mortality from all causes, reports the website of the University of southern California. The full study was published in the publication Annals of Internal Medicine.

The research assistants conducted surveillance of 190 thousands of volunteers, among whom were blacks, Japanese Americans, white and Hispanics. All involved participants were 45 to 75 years.

It is reported that the average period of observation was 16 years old. By the end of the study participants died about 60 thousand people. The majority (36 percent) died from cardiovascular disease, and 31 percent of cancer.

Following the study, researchers found that drinking one Cup of coffee a day reduces by 12 percent the risk of death from all causes. And drinking three cups of 18 per cent.

“Coffee includes a lot of antioxidants and phenolic compounds, which play an important role in cancer prevention,” said study co-author Veronica Seteven.

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