Scientists have shown a black hole devoured a star

Ученые показали пожираемую черной дырой звезду

Black hole devouring a neighboring star

The star rotates close enough to the black hole that makes a complete revolution for half an hour.

The Australian ATCA telescope have discovered a double star system X9, which consists of a black hole and a white dwarf. The latter is located so close to the black hole, she gradually devours its neighbor, reports Seeker.

During the study, astronomers have determined that white dwarf is from the black hole at a distance of two and a half times larger than the Moon from Earth.

Located dual system for the removal of 14.8 thousand light-years from our planet.

Ученые показали пожираемую черной дырой звезду

Photo: ©NASA/CXC/University of Alberta/A. Bahramian et al.

Also, scientists have calculated that a full rotation around the black hole white dwarf does in just 28 minutes, and it is gradually becoming less. First, the black hole will shrink to the size of a planet, and later the whole body of the planet will be sucked.

According to astronomers, the white dwarf was once a red giant, but lost the weight due to a failed neighborhood.

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