Scientists have shown a black hole in the center of the milky Way

Ученые показали черную дыру в центре Млечного Пути

Black hole at the center of the milky Way

Bring it succeeded with the help of ultra-sensitive receiver ESO GRAVITY. The image shows the substance around the black hole.

The staff of the Very large telescope for the first time able to observe from close range the substance that turns around the black hole. This was possible thanks to a supersensitive receiver ESO GRAVITY. About it writes Science.

The black hole is located in the heart of the milky Way. Its mass equal to four million solar masses. Goes around it cluster gas, which moves at a speed equal to 30 percent of the light.

Outbreaks of infrared radiation on the borders of a massive object Sagittarius a*, which conducted surveillance of European scientists have confirmed the presence in the centre of a galaxy supermassive black hole.

According to scientists, the flash in the matter at the event horizon of a celestial body that provoked the magnetic interactions in a very hot gas.

By the receiver astronomers watched not only in real time, but in unprecedented detail.

The visualization image is “seen” by the device of the painting, which was created taking into account the received data.

Earlier it was reported that astronomers have shown a star that is slowly absorbed by the black hole. The pictures demonstrate what is happening in high resolution.

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