Scientists have shown the “work” cells inside the body

Ученые показали "работу" клеток внутри организма

Scientists from the USA showed the “work” cells inside the body

Scientists have created a microscope that allowed to show the “work” of cells in 3D-format. It can show the interaction of cells only in transparent organisms.

Scientists from the Medical Institute of Howard Hughes (USA) have joined previous developments in the field of microscopes, to create a new, allowed to show the activity of cells in the living body in 3D-format. It is reported by National Geographic, writing Letters Friday, April 20.

A group of researchers headed by Nobel prize winner in chemistry in 2014 for “the development of fluorescent microscopy high resolution” Eric Betzig.

According to him, the problem of modern fluorescence microscopes is that they use very bright light sources. This brightness can damage the cell or even destroy it. Improved technology of light microscopy, the scientists were able to examine the cell without damage.

In particular, using the new microscope the researchers had received video of the living cells in the body in high resolution.

Scientists have studied the cells inside the fish zebrafish: their embryos are transparent, therefore they are easy to observe.

To date, the microscope can show the interaction of cells only in transparent organisms. Under the skin of the man until he just can’t. At the same time, now this technology is very promising.

Earlier it was reported that a graduate student at the University of Southampton Katrina Moore with the help of modern technology has created the Christmas tree and Christmas wreath from stem cells.


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