Scientists have turned the atom into the “black hole”

Ученые превратили атом в "черную дыру"

Experts have been able to do it with the help of the world’s most powerful x-ray laser.

Scientists using the free-electron laser LCLS has been able to turn yoga into the atom analog of a black hole, reports Nature.

Physicists have been able to achieve, that the atom of iodine began to attract the electrons with a force comparable to that shown by a black hole in space.

The publication reports that a laser pulse of 100 million gigawatts per square centimeter knocks out from the molecules of 5-6 electrons. As a result, for a fraction of a nanosecond in the molecule there is a strong positive charge.

“The force with which the electrons are attracted to the atom of iodine in this case was much greater than that which would be produced, for example, a black hole with a mass of ten Suns. In principle, any gravitational field of a black hole of stellar mass comparable unable to act on the electron,” said one of the researchers, Robin Santra.

This study, according to scientists, should help in studying the effect of radiation on living organisms and may in the future reduce the harm from its impact.

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