Scientists have uncovered the ancient mystery of the origin of life

Ученые раскрыли древнюю загадку возникновения жизни

It became known as the space formed organic matter

Experts were able to recreate the formation of organic substances in space, which became the basis for carbon-based life.

At the National laboratory behalf of the Lawrence Berkeley scientists were able to uncover one of the ancient mysteries of the origin of life. The study results appeared in Nature Communications.

Scientists have uncovered the mechanism of organic substances in space. They became the basis for proteins and nucleic acids. Experts learned that
complex carbon compounds are formed by combining simple molecules.

Scientists conducted an experiment modeled conditions okolozemnoi environment in which there is a chemical interaction of two hydrocarbon radicals (methyl (CH3•) and 1 was indenyl (C9H7•). The result of the reaction occurring at a temperature of 1150 degrees Celsius, formed of mothballs chemical formula С10Н8 containing two benzene rings. These data are confirmed by the analysis of the mass spectrometer.

This connection is the basis of more complex hydrocarbons. As a result of several such reactions in the interstellar medium is formed by carbon black and carbon granules. This fact experts have known for a long time, but did not know what processes lead to their formation.

Previously on the moon discovered an unknown substance. Also the Correspondent wrote that the remains were found, questioned the process of evolution.

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