Scientists have uncovered the mystery of drawings in the Nazca desert

Ученые раскрыли тайну рисунков в пустыне Наска

Some of the drawings depict Peruvian birds

Age 16 geoglyphs is about two thousand years. Identified on the drawings a few Peruvian birds.

Japanese scientists from the universities of Hokkaido and Yamagata were able to identify the mysterious geoglyphs of Nazca several types of Peruvian birds. They also hypothesized why these birds have attracted the interest of ancient people. This writes EurekAlert!.

Birds seem exotic to the region, and further study may help to explain their meaning. The study was published in the journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

Lines and geoglyphs in the desert plateau of Nazca and Palpa is located about 400 kilometres South of Lima (Peru) and form a world heritage site, covering an area of about 450 square kilometers.

They were created between 400 BC and ad 1000 people living in the territory to the Inca. These images include simple lines, geometric patterns and drawings of animals and plants.

Most of these etchings are so large that they are best seen on aerial photographs. The identification of what they represent is the first step to solving the mystery of why they were drawn.

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