Scientists have uncovered the mystery of the black sarcophagus

Ученые раскрыли тайну черного саркофага

It became known whose body was buried in a black sarcophagus in Egypt

Buried in a granite sarcophagus people were the ancient rulers, and the liquid inside was not the elixir of life.

The researchers found gender and age of people buried in the black sarcophagus, discovered in Alexandria in July.

As reports Associated Press with reference to the Ministry of antiquities of Egypt, the skeletons belong to a woman 20 years old, man, who was not yet 40 years old and the man who for almost 50 years. None of them was the representative of a noble family or the king.

On one of the skulls traces of surgical intervention. Bones found particles of gold.

Black granite sarcophagus, which is about 2000 years, was filled with red liquid. Its content caused a furore in social media users assumed that this “elixir of life” or red mercury. In the Internet appeared the petition with an appeal to allow the volunteers to drink it. But the Ministry of antiquities said that it was just waste water.

The sarcophagus was discovered in Alexandria intact. Put forward the version that it may contain the remains of Alexander the great. These assumptions as a version of the curse of the black granite sarcophagus was later rejected by scientists.

Previously, in Egypt, in a black sarcophagus discovered three mummies. Also the Correspondent wrote that in Egypt have found eight million mummy dogs

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The embalming of mummies appeared thousands of years before the pharaohs