Scientists have uncovered the mystery plume on Mars

Ученые раскрыли тайну шлейфа над Марсом

A giant cloud was first noticed in 2012.

Mystery plume on Mars, which was first noticed in 2012 at an abnormally high altitude Amateur astronomers, revealed, reported the European space Agency.

Then the plume formed ten o’clock and occupied an area of 500 thousand square kilometers. Ten days later he disappeared. The structure was located much above the region where carbon dioxide and water could be formed in the clouds.

Ученые раскрыли тайну шлейфа над Марсом

However, scientists noticed that the plume existed in the ionosphere (the upper atmosphere), where the gas shell of a planet interacts with charged particles from the Sun.

After that, scientists have proved that at the time of the appearance of the anomalous plume on Mars coincides with the coronal mass ejection from the Sun. Events on the sun, space weather changed and caused, scientists believe, to a brief increase in the rate of leakage of plasma (with the formation of the plume) from the atmosphere of Mars.

This week NASA showed Mars with a record close distance.

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