Scientists have warned about new dangers of lack of sleep

Ученые предупредили о новой опасности недостатка сна

Lack of sleep leads to dehydration.

Sleeping less than six hours a day people are more likely to be at risk to dehydration.
Sleep less than six hours per day leads to dehydration. To such conclusion scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, says the magazine Oxford Academic.

The researchers interviewed more than 25 thousand people in the US and China on the number of hours of sleep and collected their urine samples. As it turned out, those who slept six hours or less, the urine was 16-59% more concentrated, indicating a lack of water in the body.

According to scientists, reduced water content in the urine indicates the violation of production of vasopressin, antidiuretic hormone, which not only is responsible for retaining fluid in the body, but also involved in the cardiovascular and nervous systems.

This, according to scientists, partly leads to poor health when lack of sleep. To make it all better, researchers suggest after you Wake up drink a glass of water.

We will remind, earlier in Finland have introduced NAPs in the workplace. In addition, the researchers found sleep duration, prolonging life.

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