Scientists have warned about the radiation disaster

Ученые предупредили о радиационной катастрофе

Scientists predicted the disaster due to radiation

More than 16 years, the company that processes uranium, leaking radioactive waste into the river, which flows into the Yellow sea.

Scientists have warned about the existence of threats of radioactive disaster from North Korea. Hundreds of thousands of people at risk of cancer and deadly diseases. Reported by the Daily Mail.

Experts say that the radioactive wastes of the North Korean uranium company, is drained into the river, are in mortal danger.

At least 16 years old factories in the city Pensne dumped into the water with radioactive radium and other heavy metals. This is evidenced by data from satellite imagery.

At least 400 thousand people in the vicinity of the contaminated river and the Yellow sea at risk of getting cancer and other deadly diseases.

Previously, scientists have described a way to prevent a hunger catastrophe. It was also reported that scientists have predicted a lethal new epidemic.

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