Scientists made the destruction of Earth by a black hole

Ученые допустили уничтожение Земли черной дырой

The earth can be destroyed by a black hole

This perspective is possible, though unlikely. The cause of the hole may be the interaction between two gravitational waves.

A group of scientists from Princeton University admitted the possibility of destruction of the Earth, a black hole. It can occur anywhere in the Universe, and thus in close proximity to our planet. About it writes New Scientist.

The cause of the black hole, in this case, the interaction between two gravitational waves.

Such a term scientists call very unlikely. But theoretically it exists.

Gravitational waves are perturbations of space-time that may occur in the collision of massive exotic objects — neutron stars or black holes.

This is referred to in the proposed Einstein theory of relativity. The first gravitational waves has been recorded only in September 2015.

According to the theory, in the case of the collision of two plane waves at a particular point in some time can appear a singularity – a region with infinite curvature of space-time. The singularity disappears once waves are spreading.

Earlier it was reported that scientists have discovered on the moon the frozen water is located in the shadows of craters.

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