Scientists named products, anti-aging

Ученые назвали продукты, замедляющие старение

The consumption of chocolate, tea, coffee and wine in combination with zinc helps to slow down oxidative processes in the body and can stop a number of dangerous illnesses.

Scientists from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg (Germany) together with colleagues from the USA found that hydrochinone included in chocolate, tea, coffee and wine, combined with zinc to prevent the oxidation process, slowing down the aging process. The researchers ‘ findings are presented on portal

Experts have found that zinc activates groups of the hydroquinone, producing a natural protection from superoxide, a byproduct of respiration of human cells, which damages your own body biomolecules, e.g., proteins or lipids.

Only hydroquinone is able to destroy superoxide. However, if the zinc and hydroquinone combine, a complex that protects the body from degradation caused by oxidation, and has an antioxidant effect.

Thus, superoxide can metaboliziruetsa and prevent damage to the body, i.e. to prevent oxidative stress.

Previously, scientists have proven that the acceptance of the daily food for 10 hours, can extend the life.

Starvation affects life expectancy − scientists

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