Scientists predicted the onset of a catastrophic drought

Ученые предсказали наступление катастрофических засух

Identifies areas threatened by severe drought

Chinese experts have called areas on the planet that are more susceptible to other droughts.

A group of Chinese scholars called the regions on the planet which are more exposed to the threat of severe drought in connection with the increase in global average temperature. In risk North Asia, South Africa, southern Europe and other. This writes

Experts say that in the event of a further increase in temperature, access to water will be reduced throughout the world.

Under the most favorable scenario envisaged by the Treaty of Paris 2015, where the allowable rate of temperature increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius, a palpable lack of water is still there. He will be temperate in East and South Asia, Eastern and Western Africa, and Central Europe.

More will be exposed to North Asia, South Africa, South Europe, Mediterranean, Iceland, Greenland and Alaska.

In General, the water availability will be reduced throughout the Land, and from droughts to suffer 117 million more.

Earlier it was reported that the red planet was discovered a huge area of life where billions of years could dwell organisms.

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