Scientists refuted the myth about the high intelligence of dogs

Ученые опровергли миф о высоком интеллекте собак

Pets are even more stupid than think about them, their owners, experts say.

Scientists have disproved the myth that dogs have a higher level of intelligence than other animals. This conclusion was made by experts from Exeter University and Canterbury University Christ Church, reports the Metro.

The researchers compared the cognitive ability of dogs and other Pets, also studied data on predators and carnivores. Scientists also have studied more than 300 scientific articles about the properties and possibilities of the brain of animals.

Professor Stephen Lea concluded that the ability of dogs was overrated. The scientist notes that the dogs do a good job with some puzzles, but it’s also good at other animals.

Specialist says that almost all the “unique” skills dogs have and other animals. They can also be trained to perform commands and understand the owner.

Before the dog rescued the American from 50 years in prison, becoming the proof of the lies of the victim. Also the Correspondent wrote that the reporter interrupted live to save the dog

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