Scientists said about the impossibility of the “resurrection” of the dinosaurs

Ученые заявили о невозможности "воскрешения" динозавров


The absence of bones of dinosaurs prehistoric biological molecules makes it impossible to “recreate” dinosaurs.

Paleontologists from the University of Manchester in the UK came to the conclusion that to resurrect the dinosaurs by remains found in their bones protein is not possible, RIA Novosti reported.

The researchers analyzed traces of collagen in the remains of a Tyrannosaurus Rex, to determine whether an organic substance belonged to a dinosaur.

The results of the research showed that the “fossil” substance corresponds to the collagen is extracted from the bones of ostriches, whose biopolymers – proteins and DNA – used in scientific research to determine the evolutionary relationship between extinct and existing organisms.

The absence of bones of dinosaurs prehistoric biological molecules, as the researchers note, makes impossible the reconstruction of dinosaurs with the help of biotechnological methods.

In China have found dinosaur footprints older than 145 million years

Earlier, scientists from Australia and the USA have discovered a new species of dinosaur of the species Tyrannosaurus.