Scientists said that Saturn eats its own ring

Ученые заявили, что Сатурн пожирает собственные кольца

Saturn absorbs.

Coming to the planet ring may soon completely disappear. One of them will be gone in 60 thousand years.

Scientists analysed data obtained with the automatic interplanetary station Cassini and found that Saturn absorbs your ring. According to the study, the next to the planet ring – C and D – will cease to exist in the near term. About it writes Science Daily.

The D ring will cease to exist, roughly, after 60 thousand years, which in the cosmic sense very soon. The second – according to astronomers – can survive from 700 thousand to 7 million years.

Also due to the information received managed to figure out that Saturn is constantly a powerful chemical shower, which consists of methane, CO2, ammonia, fragments of complex organic molecules and a small amount of water.

The ring surrounding the planet, composed mainly of ice.

Earlier it was reported that the scientist was turned into a music recorded the interaction between the plasma waves at Saturn.

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