Scientists said the giant void around the milky Way

Ученые заявили о гиганской пустоте вокруг Млечного Пути

According to the researchers, nothing could reach one billion light years.

An international group of scientists from China and the United States have stated that the milky Way galaxy is located in a giant cosmic void, reports ScienceAlert. The results of the study were presented at the conference of the American astronomical society.

Scientists say that so-called voids (cosmic voids) are part of the large-scale structure of the Universe. They are located between the threads that are created galactic clusters.

These voids can reach large sizes – from 130 million light years or more.

Inside these voids, the density of matter is significantly below the average value in the Universe.

According to specialists, the void, which is located in the milky Way, can reach a billion light years in diameter – that is, emptiness is simply a giant in size.

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