Scientists said the increase in the size of the waves

Ученые заявили об увеличении размера волн-убийц

Killer waves have become more deadly

Experts say that these giant solitary waves are even more deadly.

A group of scientists from the University of Southampton in Britain found that the so-called killer waves – a giant solitary wave height 20-30 meters behind the recent increase in size. This writes

In addition, these waves began to appear less frequently than before. Such conclusions were made on the basis of data collected over 20 years (1994 through 2016) with 15 buoys located along the West coast of the United States.

Also able to establish that the frequency and size of these deadly waves affect the sea area and the time of their appearance. The most typical of such waves for the winter period, as well as calm seas.

The cause of rogue waves is called nonlinear dynamics of surface waves. The main threat to these giant waves create courts that, when confronted with them can either severely damaged, or even sink.

Earlier it was reported that the wave-killer managed to recreate a British scientist in the laboratory.

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