Scientists saw the birth of double stars

Ученые впервые увидели рождение двойной звезды

The mass of heavenly bodies more than the sun 18 times

The mass of both bodies is rather massive and more than the sun almost 18 times. They rotate around each other.

Astronomers first witnessed the birth of double stars. This phenomenon was discovered at a distance of 5500 light-years from Earth. About it writes Nature Astronomy.

In the study, the experts used the radio telescope ALMA. Dual system includes two large celestial body whose mass is greater than the sun almost 18 times.

The stars inside molecular clouds. A thick accumulation of dust and gas significantly complicates the possibility of studying binary systems.

However, you the course of the observations, the scientists found that the cloud IRAS07299-1651 contains two objects. One is “primary” the Central star, the second is the emerging of “secondary” light.

Celestial bodies revolve around each other with a period of 600 terrestrial years. The distance between them is 180 astronomical units.

Also found to be a secondary luminary is formed by disk fragmentation that occurs around the primary. Then a smaller “brother” begins to absorb matter older, eventually turning into his “twin”.

Earlier it was reported that near the Sun, scientists have discovered the awakened star-a Magnetar.

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