Scientists showed that a nuclear explosion at the White house

Ученые показали ядерный взрыв у Белого дома

The test of a nuclear bomb in the USA, 1 April 1954

The researchers showed in the video, the effects of the disaster, as well as where to seek shelter and how to evacuate in a nuclear explosion.

American scientists simulated the effects of five kilograms of highly enriched uranium in the heart of Washington. The plot of the explosive device falls into the hands of terrorists. Video published on the page of Science Magazine to YouTube.

After over a city with a population of 730 thousand people rising ball of fire, destroyed are all the buildings within a kilometer from the epicenter, including the White house.

The ball turns into a cloud of radioactive dust. Scientists have shown where to take refuge and how to evacuate in a similar situation.

Корреспондент.net informed in detail about the bunkers of American presidents.

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